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BPm-Health Handset
FREE to the NHS until May 2021

A system for remotely monitoring blood pressure in pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


FREE to the NHS for one year

A system for remotely monitoring blood pressure in pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What is BPm-Health?

A prescribed digital therapeutic for remotely managing blood pressure levels in pregnant women.
Remote monitoring of pregnant women
Remote monitoring

Enables remote monitoring of pregnant women to comply with social distancing guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improves care
Improves care

Clinicians use the BPm-Health web application to review BP readings - helps prioritise patients in greatest need.

Share BP readings from home
Share BP readings from home

Blood pressure readings can be submitted through an app, web browser or via SMS for immediate review by clinicians.

Helps high risk patients
Helps high risk patients

Helps this high-risk group monitor their condition from home and be managed by clinicians remotely.

Provides reassurance
Provides reassurance

Helps mums-to-be self-monitor blood pressure to protect themselves and their baby.

Easy, accurate monitoring
Easy monitoring

Provides an easy to use and uniform monitoring system for women during pregnancy and healthcare professionals.

Provides advice
Provides advice

Provides advice on what a woman should do depending on her BP levels.


All patient data is de-identified and anonymised, securely stored on the cloud as a completely isolated instance with rigorous data security and privacy measures.

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How can I get BPm-Health implemented at my NHS Trust?

Sensyne is working with the NHS to expand the use of the product across the UK, offering BPm-Health FREE of charge until May 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training sessions

Online introductory and training sessions are available for Trusts taking up this offer.

Fast implementation

Full implementation can be achieved 100% remotely and we will support in making this happen ASAP.

BPm-Health Go Live

This is at the Trusts discretion once the below 4 steps are completed.

There are a number of prerequisites to be met before we can move to implementing BPm-Health. We can help the various teams in gaining approval for the implementation of BPm-Health where required.

1. Information governance approval

The IG team at the Trust need to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) of the implementation. The clinical safety case report produced to support BPm-Health is available to view to feed into the IG approval process.

2. IT approval

BPm-Health is cloud hosted and web based so there are no hardware/software considerations for Trust IT. The IT team may want to complete a technical assessment, or something similar, of BPm-Health as a new product for the Trust.

3. Contract signature

The Data Processing Agreement and Services and Licence Agreement documents form the contractual agreement between Sensyne Health and the Trust. Please review these documents and ultimately sign.

4. Deployment of your live software

Sensyne Health will work with you to ensure users are added to your BPm-Health site, so that the system is ready to be used by all clinical staff at your Trust.

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