Clinical AI expertise

Our AI-driven analysis of NHS data has the potential to accelerate discovery in life sciences exponentially, leading to new treatments and better care for patients.

To achieve this, we take an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that is first and foremost clinically led.

By combining a deep understanding of clinical practice with established and novel AI methods, we make sense of huge quantities of anonymised patient data and provide actionable insights for the life sciences industry.

We get to work with leading experts from a diverse range of backgrounds. We're constantly learning from each other.

Basel Abu-Jamous
Bioinformatician & Data Scientist

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A collaboration of multiple disciplines

We have assembled a world-class team from the disciplines of data science, medical science and clinical practice, with unparalleled access to leading experts in these fields.  

Our team includes some of the best talents from top educational and research institutions around the world, with published papers in eminent scientific journals and a passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific and medical discovery.

We embrace exploratory research, akin to the academic world. We don’t just apply methods that already exist. We have the space to innovate and develop new methodologies and technologies to interpret complex data.’

Luca Albergante
Senior Data Scientist

Making predictions with deep learning

Robert Durichen talks about combining ethically sourced anonymised patient data with deep learning methods to predict heart attack and stroke.

Proven AI for real-world data

Through years of collaboration between the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, we have developed an unrivalled knowledge of curating complex anonymised patient data and uncovering meaningful patterns in time-series data, including panomics data.

Dr Lucy Mackillop is a leading expert in maternal health and a member of Sensyne's Scientific Advisory Board.

Always patient-centered

Our Scientific Advisory Board and wider network includes world experts in a range of disease areas including IBD, oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes and immunology.

These experts work closely with our Clinical AI team to challenge and validate from a clinical perspective, guiding the team to target unmet therapeutic needs and make breakthrough discoveries that have a direct impact on patient care. All at an unprecedented pace.

We are a very multidisciplinary team and this is quite unusual. To have all the resources and skills we need under one roof is a real advantage for us and our customers.

Ben Irving
Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Clinical AI for Pharma R&D - An NHS perspective

(Simon Travis / Tim Hinks explains how AI can accelerate drug development and what this means for the NHS and for healthcare.)


Our clinical AI expertise is underpinned by published articles in tier-one journals across multiple fields of AI and medical research.  View all publications.

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Gaussian Processes for Personalized Interpretable Volatilty Metrics in the Step-Down Ward

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DeepAMR for Predicting Co-occurrent Resistance of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

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Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications

Comparing Different Ways of Calculating Sample Size for Two Independent Means: A Worked Example

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