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MagnifEye COVID-19
Sensyne Health | Healthcare

Coronavirus health monitor

"The good neighbour app" - Build a community. Help fight COVID-19

CVm-Health™ is a free, easy to use web-based application that provides a secure way for individuals and families, sick or well, to record health conditions, symptoms, vital signs and medications during the pandemic.

The app also helps to build a community to fight COVID-19, enabling everyone to be a ‘good neighbour’ by helping people with no access to the internet monitor their health.

Record your own health conditions, symptoms, vital signs and medications

Be a good neighbour – help other people log symptoms and vital signs

The app does not record your location or track you in any way

Your personal information is not shared with anyone

Create health diaries for people without access to the internet

Share symptoms and vital signs history with family members and healthcare professionals

AdmitAI Validation

For you and your family

Look after your family and loved ones. Those registering to use the app must be over 18, but once registered the app can be used to record anyone’s health status, regardless of age.

Be a 'good neighbour'

Help support your community by remotely caring for those that remain at risk, isolated and locked-down after general social distancing guidance is relaxed. Help the digitally disconnected, those with poor technology literacy or without access to the internet.

AdmitAI Validation

Support medical research for public good

With the consent of users, data generated by the application will be de-identified and anonymised and made available for medical research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Individuals can opt out of sharing their data.



Does not record an individual’s location or track people in any way.  No identifiable patient data is shared with any entity.  All personal data is de-identified and anonymised, securely stored on the cloud as a completely isolated instance with rigorous data security and privacy measures.

Supports your community and local healthcare

Enables individuals to help those who are not able to use technology and would normally rely on visits from carers or direct healthcare support.

Aids remote health monitoring

Creates a personalised digital health record for those in most need of care, based on the vital signs data and symptom information recorded in the app.


Free, easy to use, accessible across all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC).

Increases social togetherness

Helps to provide reassurance to the most isolated and vulnerable members of society who may not have access to digital health technologies.  

Built from experience

CVm-Health builds on Sensyne’s existing experience in developing validated remote patient monitoring applications such as its award-winning diabetes in pregnancy app GDm-Health™ and the vital signs monitoring system, SEND™.

Technology specifications

Data Privacy, Trust and Compliance

  • Information Governance Framework fully complies with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Location data is not collected, stored or used
  • All personal data is de-identified and anonymised using Privitar protocols. Privitar a system chosen by NHS Digital for de-identification
  • No personal identifiable data is shared with third parties

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management

  • Built under a robust ISO13485 (Medical Devices Quality Management Systems) and ISO27001 (Information Security Management Systems) certified Quality Management System that includes the NHS Information Governance toolkit Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • Independently audited by the British Standards Institute

Security and Architecture

  • HITRUST Common Security Framework compliant satisfying multiple third regulatory requirements and laws including ISO 270001 and NHS Information Governance toolkit
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ready encompassing administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform which encompasses over 49 international compliance and safeguarding certifications
  • App framework certified to enable use by clinical agents such as clinical trials organisations, online doctor services and call support/telehealth providers and organisations such as 111
  • Cosmos DB database platform, Microsoft’s most resilient performance database


What is CVm-Health?
How will the app help me?
How does the app work?
What symptoms and vital signs can be monitored on the app?
Will the app have access to my past medical history?  Will GPs have access to the data stored in the app?
What type of device is needed in order to use the app?
Is this service free?
Can the app be used to monitor children’s health?
Can the app be used to monitor people overseas?
Where is the information stored?
Is personal information shared? If so, who has access to it?
What does anonymised data mean?
How does the data recorded in the app help to fight this pandemic?
What should I do if symptoms worsen?
Can I change my personal details after registering to the app?

The use of CVm-Health is subject to terms and conditions and support for the app is currently restricted to UK users only.

Note: Not all Sensyne Health products are available in all territories, for further information contact head office.