A new approach to the discovery and development of new medicines using AI to generate real world evidence from anonymised patient records in partnership with the NHS.

Led by clinicians, focused on patients, powered by AI

Sensyne Health’s mission is to use its proprietary clinical artificial intelligence technology to analyse ethically sourced, clinically curated, anonymised patient data in partnership with leading NHS Foundation Trusts to solve serious unmet medical needs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The anonymised patient datasets contain large sets of clinically curated, linked and structured data that may be analysed using proprietary clinical artificial intelligence algorithms to discern new insights of value throughout the R&D process; from discovery through clinical development and post marketing surveillance.

The proprietary Clinical AI software used by Sensyne Health is based upon a long-established research programme at the University of Oxford, working in partnership with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that has been exclusively licensed to the Company.

Our business model provides an ethical and transparent methodology for companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and bioscience industries to discover and develop new medicines and medical devices that may improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.  We enable our customers to accelerate their R&D processes and enhance their pharmacoeconomic analyses by being able to get answers to clinical questions in the real world. We use the power of clinical AI to decode the complexities of medical practice and patient co-morbidities, to discern potential new physiological pathways and identify sub groups of patients most likely to respond well to treatment.  No data are sold nor is any ownership or control of data transferred from the NHS to the Company or its customers during this process.

Examples include the identification of new drug targets, real-world evidence for adaptive clinical trial design, the identification of new and/or more appropriate patient populations for novel and existing medicines and medical devices, the reduction of clinical trial failures and the improvement of clinical trial design and post-marketing surveillance studies.

The financial returns generated through our work for our customers are shared with the Company’s NHS Trust partners via equity ownership in Sensyne Health and a share of royalties.

Large, clinically curated anonymised patient datasets

The highly curated anonymised datasets which we have available for analysis comprise linked data on all of the main types of patient information including:

  • Whole genome sequences
  • Genetic diagnostic tests
  • Lab results
  • Point-of-care tests
  • Admission type
  • Vital signs
  • Operating theatre procedures
  • Diagnosis (ICD 10 codes)
  • Outcomes
  • Prescriptions

Collectively they provide the potential for phenotypic and genotypic analysis of significant value for the discovery and development of new medicines and new medical devices.

CRO Service

Sensyne Health provides its customers with the ability to answer R&D and health economics questions through an analysis of large anonymised patient databases using the Company’s proprietary clinical AI algorithms on a fee for service basis. 

Our eCRO services comprise the following capabilities:

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Accelerating Drug Discovery
  • New biological insights into complex diseases
  • Novel target identification and validation
  • New insights into drug mechanisms of action
  • Repositioning drugs into new indications
  • Understanding drug adverse events, and drug-drug interactions
  • Novel biomarker discovery
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Improving Clinical Trials
  • Biological insights for clinical trial design
  • New strategies for patient stratification
  • Optimisation of clinical trial recruitment
  • Clinical trial monitoring
  • Novel diagnostic approaches
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Analysing Real-World Evidence (RWE)
  • RWE from diagnostics & treatment data
  • Support for commercial models
  • Identification of polypharmacy and refinement of prescribing
  • Clinical pathway evaluation and redesign = new models for drug pricing and reimbursement
  • Treatment adherence data

A typical project would aim to provide answers in approximately 6 weeks and cost in the region of £100,000 to £150,000 depending upon complexity.
Please contact our team at:  discovery@sensynehealth.com for more details.

Clinical AI

Developing AI models that are predictable and reliable such that they can be used safely in clinical practice and may form part of a regulatory submission, is a computing challenge of huge complexity that requires a fusion of state-of-the art engineering and computer science with medical science and deep clinical knowledge of medical practice in the real world.

The proprietary clinical AI software used by Sensyne Health is based upon a long-established research programme at the University of Oxford, working in partnership with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that has been exclusively licensed to the Company. These clinical AI algorithms provide powerful new tools for pharmaceutical development professionals seeking to improve R&D productivity and health economics professionals seeking real-world evidence for the cost / benefit analysis of new medicines.

Sensyne Health’s Strategic Research Agreements with leading NHS Foundation Trusts enable the creation of anonymised patient data repositories, invaluable for research purposes. These longitudinal datasets are clinically curated and then analysed using clinical artificial intelligence technologies, thus potentially enabling a new approach to drug discovery, development, and post marketing surveillance.

The ageing population and increasing burden of chronic disease means that patients are often treated with multiple medications for the treatment of several, different conditions at the same time. The nature of hospital care in a modern NHS environment means that such patients are monitored closely and the data that is generated during their care, once digitised, clinically curated and then anonymised, provides a wealth of information that is of considerable value for medical research. Sensyne Health makes sense of that data using clinical AI and makes it available for discovery research on an ethical and transparent basis.

Working with our academic and NHS partners, we are constantly developing and improving  Clinical AI tools and testing them in randomised control trials to prove their validity for use in patient care and for pharmaceutical development.

- a new platform for the discovery and development of medicines

We are building Livingstone, our proprietary analysis and decision-making platform for pharmaceutical R&D, employing cutting-edge Clinical AI techniques, including the latest deep learning models. This is matched with our multidisciplinary R&D team, composed of world-leading experts in their fields: clinicians, data scientists, and software engineers, working side-by-side with top academics and clinicians at the University of Oxford and our NHS Foundation Trust partners.

For more information on Livingstone, please contact us: discovery@sensynehealth.com

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