Realising the benefits of new healthcare technologies

Realising the benefits of new healthcare technologies

December 5, 2018

A recent report from a working party of the Academy of Medical Sciences of which I was a member, outlines a set of principles based on dialogues with patients, the public and healthcare professionals, for the development, evaluation and deployment of data-driven technologies in healthcare.

Embedding these principles will be essential if we are to realise the anticipated benefits of these innovative technologies whilst maintaining trust in their use in health and social care sectors.

We are already seeing digital technologies that empower patients to manage their own health, for example by monitoring their own condition at home. Technology will only evolve and get more sophisticated to have a bigger impact on healthcare in the NHS in the next ten years.

At Sensyne Health, we are developing new digital health software products for healthcare providers to improve health outcomes, free up time for clinicians to treat more patients and enable discovery research. These Clinical AI technologies combine leading medical and engineering science expertise developed through a longstanding research partnership between the University of Oxford and OUH NHS Foundation Trust.

If we are going to reap the benefits of these advances, we must act now. We need to see a widespread increase in digital health literacy throughout the NHS, with the full involvement of patients and the public. We also need to think carefully how we regulate and evaluate digital health products, especially when they include artificial intelligence, so that healthcare professionals and patients know that they are safe and reliable, and improve patient outcomes.

The report from The Academy of Medical Sciences can be accessed here.


Professor Lionel Tarassenko - Director of R&D, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Sensyne Health plc