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Sensyne Health | Life Sciences

For healthcare systems

Our approach

Comprehensive analysis of de-identified and anonymised patient data using machine learning has the potential to improve patient care, accelerate the discovery of new medicines, better understand and treat disease, and reduce costs.

Under our collaborative Strategic Research Agreement model we ensure healthcare systems retain full control of their anonymised patient data.

About Strategic Research Agreements

Sensyne Health collaborates with public and private health systems under Strategic Research Agreements to combine clinical artificial intelligence with ethically-sourced, de-identified and anonymised patient data to advance medical research.

We work closely with leading clinicians in our partner health systems to understand the patient journey on a clinical pathway, and how the different data sets available within each health system link to these pathways. This enables us to contextualise specific research questions and understand how the different data sets can be optimally analysed to provide solutions that support meaningful research.

Find out more about specific Strategic Research Agreements partners

How health systems benefit

Through processing ethically sourced de-identified and anonymised data we ensure that health systems and their patients benefit by:


Access to clinically led expertise in machine learning team.

Curated data

Development of structured, curated, contextualised data.

Data analysis

Data analysis to answer key health system questions in medical research, patient care and operational efficiency.


The creation of a link between the life sciences industry and health system clinicians.


Value and a financial return.


What is your definition of ‘anonymised data’?
What is the process for accessing and anonymising patient data?
Who controls the patient data?
How does a health system transfer anonymised patient data to Sensyne Health?
What are Sensyne Health’s cyber security protections for the anonymised patient data?
Will the health system’s patient data be shared with pharmaceutical clients?
Does Sensyne Health ever sell anonymised patient data to any third party?
What are the patient benefits that can arise from the research that is undertaken by the partnership?
How can we be confident that our data is being used ethically and analysed in a secure environment?
What happens to the patient data once you have analysed it?
What are the research questions that Sensyne is currently working on with other health systems i.e. What clinical areas are you focused on?
How does a partner health system receive a royalty share?
How can health systems contribute to the development of the partnership with Sensyne Health?
What is Sensyne Health’s position on exclusivity?
How does this align with the NHS England guidance on exclusivity?
What types of data are required, is there a minimum number of records required?
Our health system is also a customer of your Healthcare products division, how do you handle this data?
How will you interact with a health system as part of an SRA?  What processes do you have in place?
Can the partnership be leveraged to improve the care for patients?
How does Sensyne Health support the health system develop it research capability?
Does Sensyne Health abide by the principles set out in the DHSC’s Guidance document: ‘Creating the right framework to realise the benefits for patients and the NHS where data underpins innovation’?

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