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Sensyne Health | Life Sciences

For life science organisations

A docking system

We describe Sensyne’s role as a “docking station” between the providers of data and those who need it to guide medical innovation, and we are proud to provide this connection ethically and efficiently while protecting public trust in how their data is analysed.

This model creates a trusted data community while leveraging Sensyne’s expertise in medical and data science to derive insights from the analysis of large, complex data sets of de-identified and anonymised patient data.


Through our health system partnerships, and under a rigorous information governance framework, we have access to large quantities of de-identified and anonymised patient data. This includes information on prescriptions, diagnoses, imaging, pathology and outcomes. When combined with our proprietary machine learning methods, we can uncover a hidden collective context in the data and provide actionable insights for the life sciences industry.

Where we can help

Drug discovery

  • Target ID
  • Target validation

Clinical trial optimisation

  • Patient stratification
  • Synthetic control arms
  • Analytics combining clinical trial and real world data
  • Event prediction

Market access

  • Health economic outcomes research
  • Outcomes based pricing
  • Post launch research and monitoring

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