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Fast and accurate AI-based interpretation of Lateral Flow Tests

Fast and accurate AI-based interpretation of Lateral Flow Tests

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MagnifEye™ is an AI-powered software product that transforms any smartphone into an easy-to-use Lateral Flow Test (LFT) reader.

MagnifEye-powered apps help users to take a photo of a LFT using a smartphone camera. A deep learning algorithm detects any difficult to read lines, including those not visible to the human eye, potentially improving the accuracy of the result†.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for accurate and standardised reading of LFTs for clinical decision support and disease surveillance across large populations.

MagnifEye utilises Sensyne's expertise in developing novel deep learning approaches and algorithms aimed at improving patient care and outcomes.

How it works

MagnifEye User JourneyMagnifEye User Journey
User friendly

User friendly

User guidance and image capture software identifies and frames the area of interest in the test then automatically takes a photo to ensure high quality images.

Rapid interpretation

Test is classified as ‘positive’, ‘negative’ or ‘invalid’ in under 2 seconds, regardless of lighting conditions, backgrounds or other variations, in accordance to the test manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Rapid interpretation
Data insights

Big Data analysis

Results and other relevant data is transferred to secure cloud storage for advanced analytics, providing rapid, novel and actionable insights.


Improves accuracy
Improves accuracy and consistency

Avoids human error and reduces false negative results by reading beyond the human visible spectrum.

No need for additional hardware
No need for additional hardware

Replaces the need for dedicated LFT readers - only a smartphone is needed to read, record and transfer results and other relevant data.

Operational support and fraud detection
Operational support and fraud detection

Fraudulent or expired tests can be identified, further improving reliability and aggregated data quality.


Data is encrypted and securely held in the cloud with robust cyber security and links to healthcare providers or public health officials.

Epidemiological insights
Rapid epidemiological insights

Big Data analysis of large image datasets may help inform disease surveillance and public health management.

Post market surveillance
Post market surveillance

Provides test manufacturers with analysis and insight on test usage, effectiveness and outcomes.

MagnifEye is aimed at:

Lateral Flow Tests

Lateral Flow Test manufacturers requiring faster, more accurate reporting of test results.

Public Health

Public health organisations requiring rapid, automated and accurate test reporting and analysis for epidemiological insights.


Other test or device manufacturers, requiring AI-based image processing to improve the speed and accuracy of test results and analysis.

Flexible commercial solutions

Available as a complete app

Available as a complete app, including secure login, user registration and ‘good neighbour’ feature (users can also register family and loved ones).

Can be provided as an SDK or as an API

The photo capture and/or image processing algorithm can be provided as an SDK or as an API for use on both Android or iOS phones, to be incorporated into existing apps.

† Accuracy determined by performance of AI algorithm trained and validated on 1200 tests across a range of titrated viral loads. On 166 images readable by the human eye, the algorithm performed with 100% accuracy; at a viral load not readable by the human eye, performance was above 75%.

Note: Not all Sensyne Health products are available in all territories, for further information contact head office.


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