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MagnifEye API
Sensyne Health | Healthcare

Rapid and accurate reading of lateral flow tests

MagnifEye™ is a deep learning, cloud-based API that can read lateral flow test results beyond the human visible spectrum1, reducing the risk of human error.

It can be quickly trained to read any lateral flow test, including quantitative and multiplexed assay tests. It is unique amongst test readers in its use of deep-learning from end-to-end, with results returned to the user in under 2 seconds.

A proven tested technology

NHS Digital conducted a pilot study in April 2021 that tested the MagnifEye image reading algorithm on over 100,000 real world cases. The results of the pilot study1 show:

MagnifEye increased sensitivity (the ability to identify positive tests correctly) to 97.6% and specificity (the ability to identify negative tests correctly) to 99.99% in reading lateral flow tests, as compared to a human reader.

Overall accuracy

A significant proportion of positive cases that were previously missed by users or trained lateral flow test readers were detected by MagnifEye. At Assisted Testing Sites (ATSs) the algorithm identified 24.4% of true positive tests that were missed by trained operators.

Ongoing use of this algorithm is anticipated to support the Government in identifying positive cases with low viral loads which might otherwise be missed via human read and improve objective reading of tests by supporting the visually impaired or anxious in interpretation of their COVID lateral flow results.

How it works

The MagnifEye API can be easily integrated into existing apps and extended to include an image-capture flow, assisting individuals to take high-quality images.
The MagnifEye API can be easily integrated into existing apps and extended to include an image-capture flow, assisting individuals to take high-quality images.An intuitive user flow including image capture guidance generates a digital certificate of health status.

Rapid results

End-to-end AI-powered process from image read to test result in <2 seconds.

Anomaly detection

Identifies damaged or fraudulent tests and other anomalies.

Adapted to real-world conditions

Image capture software performs quality checks to improve algorithm accuracy.

Potential benefits

Improves accuracy of reading lateral flow tests

By reading lines that may be missed by the human eye, the effectiveness of mass testing programs may be improved.

Speed and flexibility

Results are returned in under 2 seconds, and available for analysis immediately, improving user adoption and supporting decision making.

Supports greater test usage

Easy to follow instructions with visual guides, helping the visually impaired or those who might otherwise find it difficult to take and read a test.

Developed and tested for real-world use

Advanced machine learning algorithm identifies anomalous tests and is robust to a range of image quality resolution.

MagnifEye is aimed at

Lateral flow test manufacturers wanting to integrate AI capabilities into their app, to improve the reading of lateral flow tests.
Smartphone reader developers requiring AI-based reading of lateral flow tests.
Government bodies requiring AI capabilities to integrate with existing apps for mass testing programmes.

Flexible commercial solutions

The photo capture and/or image processing algorithm can be provided as an SDK or as an API for use on both Android or iOS phones, and can be easily incorporated into existing third-party apps.

Alternatively, our team can build a complete app, incorporating MagnifEye and secure login, user registration and ‘good neighbour’ feature (users can also register family and loved ones).

Fully compliant with standards

Developed under a quality management system certified to ISO13485:2016.

GDPR compliant, ensuring high level of protection for personal data.

ISO27001 certification to ensure information security and governance requirements are fully met.