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Sensyne Health | Who we are

Our values

We are passionate about health. We care deeply about patients. We know that the ethical use of advanced AI and Big Data has enormous potential to prevent illness, treat disease and save lives.

We push the boundaries of medical, data and engineering science and we fuse this knowledge to discover new insights, build new tools and create new IP that accelerates the discovery and development of new medicines and new medical devices and improves patient care.

We know patient data is precious and personal: We keep it safe. We never share data. We never sell data. Data never leaves Sensyne.

We work in a transparent and ethical framework governed by a business and quality management system that underpins what we do, how we work, and how we treat each other and our stakeholders. We work to high professional standards. We respect the importance and responsibility we have for the work that we do. We hold ourselves accountable. We create an environment at Sensyne that is inclusive, collaborative, and professional and that enables us to do our best work.

We are fearsome competitors. We have the will to compete and to win.We deliver on our promises, and we win on behalf of our customers, their patients, and our investors. We pursue growth and scale to maximise the global impact that our work has in improving health and creating wealth.

We are pioneering a new business model, built on the power of community, that delivers a double-bottom line to improve public health, create wealth and deliver social impact. We are ethical innovators, pursuing new solutions to solve difficult health problems at scale. We are willing to challenge the status quo to improve health and social care systems world-wide, sharing the fruits of our work with the societies in which we work.