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: Quick Guide

How do I pair my AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless?

If you have an AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless meter with Bluetooth connectivity, you can set it up in the app so that your blood glucose readings can be transferred from the meter to your app automatically. After activation, you can set up the meter.
Tap on the Connect to meter button.
Tap the AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless meter in the Choose meter type list.
Press and hold the button on your AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless meter for 3 seconds until the Bluetooth symbol starts flashing.
The meter and it’s serial number will appear in your list of meters. Tap on it to begin pairing.
When prompted, enter the 6-digit code displayed on your meter into the app.
A confirmation should appear once the meter is successfully paired.
If you have not allowed the app to use your location, you will be asked to grant permission. If you do not grant permission, you will not be able to connect to the AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless meter.
If you repeatedly deny permission, you will have to allow it manually. You will be presented with the screen below. Please go to the settings in your phone to allow the app access to your location. You will then be able to proceed with syncing.
If you have Bluetooth turned off on your phone, or if you do not have that ability on your phone, the following error message will appear:
To make this work, please turn on your Bluetooth functionality. If you do not have this ability, please contact your diabetes care team.
If the phone cannot find your meter, you will see the following screen:
Ensure that your meter is turned on and nearby to your phone, then tap Retry.
If the meter cannot connect to the phone, you will see the following screen:
Ensure that your meter is turned on, nearby to your phone and in pairing mode, then tap on Retry.
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