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A global real world data analytics platform for the life sciences and healthcare industries

SENSIGHT is a global real world data analytics platform for the life sciences and healthcare industries providing unparalleled insights from unique access to patient data sets.

SENSIGHT is the first data analytics platform to provide industrial scale access to anonymised and de-identified real world data insights globally across multiple therapy areas combined with built in simple to use research algorithms.  

The platform is evolving rapidly adding researchable disease areas, analytical tools and patient data towards a planned data set of 100m patients by 2024. 

SENSIGHT provides researchers across life sciences, healthcare and academia with an instant,  artificial intelligence enabled research capability to harness the true potential of real-world data.  

The platform achieves this by delivering a simple way to derive rapid insights and informed decisions from curated deep, longitudinal, structured real world patient data without compromising patient privacy.

SENSIGHT offers a suite of sophisticated AI research tools for synthetic control arms, cohort characterisation, disease progression, patient stratification, and image report analysis. 

Access to the SENSIGHT platform is on an individual subscriber basis of £25,000 per person per year for commercial customers.

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SENSIGHT offers all subscribers the following:

Synthetic control arms

Analyse the feasibility of running synthetic control arms on specific patient data sets using Sensyne’s proprietary analytics tools.

Create patient cohorts

Create new patient cohorts in specific research areas across large, diverse data sets efficiently, quickly and at scale.

Patient stratification

Undertake patient stratification of cohorts to identify relevant sub-groups of patients using Sensyne’s proprietary deep clustering tools.

Image reports

Perform medical image report analyses.

Real world patient journeys

Analyse usage and outcomes by product or class across different health systems to understand real-world patient journeys.

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How do I subscribe to SENSIGHT?
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