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A global real-world data analytics platform for life sciences and healthcare researchers

The SENSIGHT clinical data analytics platform combines powerful AI capabilities and access to deep, longitudinal healthcare data, empowering researchers to perform complex analysis in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of other real-world data platforms.

How SENSIGHT can deliver value

Not sure whether to run a synthetic control arm? SENSIGHT can answer that question in minutes, not months.

~120 days

of analysis saved


per day in trial costs


in trial delays

SENSIGHT’s synthetic control arm feasibility model can eliminate ~120 days of Real-World Data sourcing and manual analysis.  Given that trial delays cost at least $600,000 per day, that’s $72M in value.

Synthetic control arm feasibility is just one of the built-in AI tools available in the SENSIGHT platform.

Additional use cases

Patient characterisation

Create new patient cohorts in specific research areas across large, diverse data sets efficiently, quickly and at scale.

Patient stratification

Undertake patient stratification of cohorts to identify relevant sub-groups of patients using Sensyne’s proprietary deep clustering tools.

Synthetic control arms

Analyse the feasibility of running synthetic control arms on specific patient data sets using Sensyne’s proprietary analytics tools.

Image analysis

Reveal rich insights from radiology reports including sub populations, keyword correlations, and negative or positive sentiment.

Outcomes tracking

Analyse usage and outcomes by product or class across different health systems to understand real-world patient journeys.

Target identification

Detailed analysis of real-world patient data can increase understanding of disease progression, supporting target identification.

What makes SENSIGHT different?

Data quality and scale

Access to high quality, deep longitudinal real-world data insights across a broad range of disease areas, sourced from healthcare systems in the US and UK.

Built-in AI tools

Readily accessible, easy-to-use data analytics tools for synthetic control arm feasibility assessment, patient stratification, disease progression, and image report analysis.

Community network

SENSIGHT is also a virtual scientific research network connecting healthcare, life sciences and academic professionals and organisations.

Robust governance & security

We screen all subscribers to ensure legitimate interest, and only allow access to those in accredited companies and organisations.


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