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Sensyne Health | Life Sciences


Drug discovery and clinical development analytics platform

Sensyne is developing SENSIGHT - a real-world data analytics platform comprising data sets across a large number of sources including Sensyne’s own health system partnerships.

SENSIGHT provides a safe research environment for life science companies and analysis of fully de-identified and anonymised data, aggregated for maximum deidentification, to support all stages of research and development from drug discovery through to clinical trials and post market approval and drug launch.

Multiple real-world patient data sources
High quality longitudinal, curated, de-identified and anonymised patient data sets.
Pharma R&D Platform
Receives data in different formats. Harmonises into common format, processes data using AI to answer complex questions.
Answers to life science partner questions and insights relevant to improving pharmaceutical R&D.

Key features

Standardised data

A common data model for data standardisation across healthcare system partners based on Sensyne’s robust gold standard data governance processes.

Faster analysis & outputs

Increased speed of data analysis creating faster outputs for pharmaceutical companies. Currently, responding to questions about available categories of data can take several weeks with clinical AI answers taking months to produce. SENSIGHT aims to dramatically reduce these timescales to seconds and weeks.

Secure and flexible

State of the art cyber security and data processing efficiency, along with the ability to process datasources in multiple different languages.

Clinical trial efficiency

Support pharmaceutical companies to overcome some of the issues associated with traditional clinical trials (time costs, clinical success rates, patient recruitment) by helping the development of synthetic control arms for use in Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials.

Drug target identification

Drug target identification across a range of therapeutic areas.

Post market monitoring

Analyse the performance of drugs in the wider population post regulatory approval.


  1. Synthetic control arms - a form of hybrid clinical trial where randomised control arms can be combined with real-world arms (active or placebo controlled).

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