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A global real world data analytics platform for the life sciences and healthcare industries

SENSIGHT’s proprietary secure technology platform rapidly interrogates curated and de-identified data from our global network of partner healthcare organisations to deliver intelligent analytics and data-driven insights to life sciences companies, healthcare organisations and academic institutions.

SENSIGHT is being built on a rapidly growing deep and broad set of anonymised and de-identified patient data derived from the research partnerships Sensyne has entered into with NHS Trusts and US health systems that currently covers 22.5 million patients across a range of disease areas.


Reduce attrition

Reducing clinical trial attrition by quickly assessing feasibility.

Reduce cost

Reducing cost and duration of clinical trials by optimising trial design.

Drug target identification

Accelerating discovery and development of new drugs.

Refine market access

Refining market access strategies for new or existing drugs.

Identify patient cohorts

Referral support for companies interested in clinical trials  

C-sections prevented


million data set
Anticipated to grow to 10m by the end of 2021
Pre-term births


initial therapeutic areas:
Selected haematological diseases, heart failure and stroke
Clinic visits saved


further therapeutic areas
Coming in 2021
Therapeutic areas:
Selected haematological diseases
Heart failure

Unique access model


Individual subscription

On a per person subscriber basis of £25,000 per person per year for commercial customers

Synthetic control arms

Patient stratification

Image report analysis

Real world patient journeys

Supporting clinical trial recruitment


Additional products

Coming soon

Biomarker search

Image quantification

Outcomes based pricing data broker

Algorithm development and testing services

Learn more

Additional services

Additional data for synthetic control arm trials

Synthetic imaging control arms

Complex patient stratification

Bespoke analysis of real world data

Learn more


Who and what is SENSIGHT useful for?
What are the main benefits of SENSIGHT?
What makes the SENSIGHT data so valuable to R&D?
How does SENSIGHT offer such high-quality data?
Which diseases or conditions is SENSIGHT most useful for?
How are synthetic control arms used in clinical trials and how can SENSIGHT help?
Is SENSIGHT only available to the life sciences sector?
What types of data does SENSIGHT use?
Why has Sensyne developed this platform?
Can anyone sign up to use the SENSIGHT platform?
Will the dataset available continue to grow?
Who can I contact with questions about data?
How does Sensyne’s real world database help life science research?
Can SENSIGHT make clinical trials faster?
Is it secure?
How long does it take to access the platform after signing up? 
Will my subscription automatically renew after the completion of the subscription year?
Will anyone else have access to my personal research? 
Will I be able to download the results?
Can I run queries on behalf of others? 
Will I have access to the platform if I travel outside my country of work?
How do I subscribe to SENSIGHT?
What does SENSIGHT cost? 

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