Accelerating discovery through NHS partnerships

Strategic Research Agreements

Sensyne Health collaborates with NHS Trusts under strategic research agreements (SRAs) to combine clinical artificial intelligence technology (Clinical AI) with ethically-sourced, anonymised patient data to help improve patient care, accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines and improve our understanding of disease and treatment.  

Our current SRA partnerships include:

We have also signed conditional strategic research agreements with George Eliot NHS Trust and Wye Valley NHS Trust and we are in discussions with a number of other NHS Trusts regarding similar agreements.

Ethical Data Usage

NHS Trusts that partner with us under these agreements are not restricted from using their patient data in any way, either locally or nationally. In fact, Sensyne Health is working to help NHS Trusts improve the quality and curation of the data that they have.

Sensyne Health’s collaborative model sees individual NHS Trusts retaining full control of patient data under these agreements. Any analysis by Sensyne Health must be:

Sensyne Health’s partnership approach, which is unique in the UK, is designed to ensure that the NHS, individual Trusts and their patients benefit from NHS data. The NHS Trusts we work with under these agreements own an equity stake in Sensyne Health and are entitled to receive a share of any revenues generated by Sensyne Health as a result of the commercialisation of research carried out on anonymised patient data pursuant to these agreements.

Supporting the UK Industrial Strategy in Life Sciences

Sensyne Health is a strong supporter of the Government’s efforts to develop a national approach to health data analysis and enable innovation that accelerates medical research and delivers patient benefit – as demonstrated by our SEND and GDm-Health technologies, which are already in use across multiple NHS Trusts.

We believe it is imperative that the UK retains its position as a leader in this rapidly developing sector.  NHS patient data is the best in the world because of the free, single provider healthcare system that we have in the UK. Clinical AI using anonymised patient data has the potential to lead to significant healthcare benefits, including improving patient outcomes and speeding up the medicine discovery and development process, ultimately alleviating pressure on the NHS.

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