System for the management of heart failure

Support-HF is a prescribed digital therapeutic for monitoring heart failure at home


Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions for those aged 65 years and older and admissions are expected to rise by 50% over the next 25 years¹. Support-HF is a digital therapeutic comprised of a software application for use on a patient's tablet device, together with a patient monitoring website accessible by healthcare professionals only, and able to be operated as a managed service.*

1. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; Acute heart failure: diagnosis and management.

User evaluation

A multi-centre cohort clinical evaluation2 of a user-centred and adaptive system for health monitoring and self-management support in patients with heart failure revealed:

Pie chart showing User evaluation stats for Support-HF
Pie chart showing User evaluation stats for Support-HF

2. Rahimi K, Velardo C, Triantafyllidis A, et al. A user-centred home monitoring and self-management system for patients with heart failure: A multi-centre cohort study. EurHear J - Qual Care Clin Outcomes 2015;1(2):66–71

Tablet showing the Support-HF app

Simple Self-Management

Heart failure patients are able to record data and access self-management tools at home to record automatically (via Bluetooth) their daily vital signs data on blood pressure and weight alongside subjective symptom information that is entered manually via the application.

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Photo of a computer monitor displaying GDm-Health app

Remote Management for Clinicians

Healthcare professionals can track their patients’ health remotely and use the data to support clinical decision-making via the website and ensure patients are on an optimum treatment plan, following NICE guidelines. This data can be shared with the specialist (cardiology) care team and the plan sent via email to the patient’s GP to implement.

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Photo of a tablet with the Support-HF app

Tablet Technology

Support-HF uses state-of-the-art, multi-purpose Android tablet technology, with Bluetooth-enabled sensors. This can improve a patient’s quality of life by supporting them to live independently and can provide patients with greater reassurance.

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Improves Health Status

Self-management and remote oversight from clinicians can improve overall patient health status. It also helps to deliver care and assurance to people who live in remote areas.

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Anonymised patient data is securely stored in a server behind NHS firewalls where the care team can review the patient’s readings and provide feedback and share care plans with the patient’s GP.

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Invented in the NHS

Invented in the NHS for the NHS, as a direct response to a clinical need.

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Patient Visibility

The care team see alerts that are triggered when a patient’s data crosses pre-defined clinical risk thresholds.

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An evidence-based, human factors approach to ensure patient usability.

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Supports Governance

Electronic capture of data enables detailed auditing of care and outcomes while supporting clinical governance.

What patients say

“It's actually really good knowing that you have a little bit of control over your own management”

“I could tell before, but now I can actually see what is happening and I understand that much better”


* Support-HF is currently in development phase prior to commercial launch. Sensyne Health are not responsible for external website content.