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Sensyne Health | Healthcare

How it works

SYNE COV how it works diagramSYNE COV how it works diagram

SyneCOV uses clinical data collected during a patient’s hospital journey to provide a patient-based risk forecast in real time.

The algorithm is available to healthcare providers as an annual software licence.

Available now to NHS Trusts to help with COVID preparedness and deploy the algorithm in good time for the 2021/22 winter season.
Individualised risk prediction

Individualised risk prediction

Analyses over 60 clinical variables including vital signs, blood biochemistry, respiratory physiology and laboratory results from a patient’s electronic health record, to predict their risk of three clinical outcomes; admission to intensive care, need for invasive mechanical ventilation and in-hospital mortality.

Informs clinical judgement

A clinician is provided with the individual patient risk score and a certainty level for each risk prediction, to inform clinical judgement.

Informs clinical judgement
Flexible implementation

Flexible implementation

SyneCOV is provided as a real time, scalable API for seamless integration into existing hospital systems and dashboards, meaning doctors can view the algorithm results alongside other patient record data, with no need for a separate application.

Potential benefits

Enables rapid, timely interventions

Risk scores provided in seconds to augment clinical decision making.

More informed decision making

SyneCOV outperforms traditional risk prediction models, providing a deeper, more patient-based indication of three specific outcomes.

Patient-based clinical care

Patient specific risk scores enable more risk prediction and expedited decision making which may lead to more efficient use of hospital resources and shorter length of stay.

Regulated clinical algorithm

UKCA marked, registered with MHRA as Class 1 Medical Device and FDA EUA pending.

Secure cloud-based architecture

Provided within a Microsoft Azure cloud environment, enabling scalable implementation and strict adherence to the highest standards of privacy and information governance.

Maintains personal data privacy

SyneCOV is designed to work on data that do not contain personal identifiable information. Data are stored only temporarily and deleted after each use.


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