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Our world just changed
We are helping healthcare change with it.
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The world just changed

The need for safe remote monitoring during the COVID-19 epidemic

As the need for remote health monitoring intensifies during the COVID-19 epidemic, Sensyne Health are developing and deploying products that enable patient groups to record their health information and be safely managed at home, clinicians to deliver continued contact and care, and healthcare organisations such as the NHS to reduce pressure on their resources. Data generated from these products contributes to medical research aimed at predicting, diagnosing, treating and preventing a variety of conditions including COVID-19 infection.

In collaboration with life sciences companies and our NHS partners, we use AI to detect hidden patterns in anonymised patient data, accelerating the development of new medicines.

Alongside this, we develop clinically validated digital health products which help clinicians deliver better patient care while curating vital data to support the next generation of medical research.

Our business aims to have a double bottom line, providing an attractive return to our shareholders and making a positive social impact, improving health and generating wealth that we share with our NHS Trust partners.

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CVm-Health is a free to use coronavirus health monitor

It can help you record vital signs and COVID-19 related symptoms, to enable you to track your own health and that of family members, friends and neighbours.

It builds on Sensyne Health's expertise in developing remote patient monitoring systems and is available to anyone in the UK who is 18 years of age or older.

Use the CVm-Health app



Our story - how together with Microsoft and Cognizant we tried to make a difference during COVID-19

Our response to COVID-19 and how we built on our experience and knowledge of remote patient monitoring to make a difference.

A new approach that benefits patients, the NHS and life science

Our unique docking station business model between the NHS and the life sciences industry creates value from the analysis of anonymised patient data in an ethical way and provides a return to the NHS.

Our Strategic Research Agreements (SRAs) with NHS Trusts allow us access to the unique, longitudinal anonymised patient datasets that only the NHS can provide.

Strategic Research Agreements
Software Products

Delivering better patient care

Our Software Products team develop clinically validated digital health products that create clinician and patient benefit while gathering curated data.

Discovery Sciences

Transforming R&D in life sciences

By applying Clinical AI methods to anonymised NHS patient data, we help life sciences companies develop new treatments faster and at a lower cost to address unmet patient needs.


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New COVID-19 web-based app helps people record their health status and symptoms and do the same for family and friends
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Clinical AI leader Sensyne Health launches CVm-Health™ ‘Good Neighbor’ app in the United States with support from Microsoft and Cognizant
Press release
Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS), the UK Clinical AI technology company, today announces a trading update (unaudited) for the year ended 30 April 2020. The Company will report its audited full year 2020 results in September 2020.
Press release
Trading and Business Update
Press release
Oxford, U.K. 05 May 2020: Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS) (“Sensyne” or the “Company” or the “Group”), the UK Clinical AI technology company, today announces it has launched BPm-Health to help pregnant women monitor blood pressure remotely in response to the UK government guidelines for all pregnant women to follow stringent social distancing and minimise face-to-face contact.
Press release
Sensyne Health announces launch of new BPm-Health™ remote monitoring system for the management of blood pressure in pregnancy in response to COVID-19 pandemic
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