Personalised care for Gestational Diabetes

GDm-Health is a prescribed digital therapeutic for the management of gestational diabetes at home.


The need for safe remote monitoring during the COVID-19 epidemic:

The COVID-19 outbreak is now increasing the need for healthcare professionals to advocate self-monitoring to reduce face-to-face consultations for pregnant and postnatal women whilst maintaining care for the woman and her baby.

The Gestational Diabetes management system (GDm-Health) is a prescribed digital therapeutic for the remote management of gestational diabetes at home. GDm-Health is born out of clinical need and is underpinned by a rich source of clinical evidence, gathered as a result of extensive clinical evaluations. GDm-Health is listed on the NHS Digital Apps Library


GDm-Health has been evaluated in over 1,000 patients at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust with transformative results, including:

Pie chart showing benefits of GDm-Health
Two iPhones showing the GDm-Health app

Log Blood Glucose Levels

The GDm-Health system comprises a smartphone App which connects to a wireless blood glucose (BG) meter using Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication). A woman’s measurements along with any text-based commentary she wishes to log, or request for call back is then transmitted directly to a clinical dashboard for the multi-disciplinary team to proactively manage.

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Photo of a computer monitor displaying GDm-Health app

Enables prioritisation of patients

GDm-Health enables clinicians to see at a glance, near real-time blood glucose readings and prioritise care to women most in need whilst maintaining at a glance oversight of all patient cohorts.

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Photo of a computer monitor showing GDm-Health desktop app

Facilitates team-based working

GDm-Health improves the efficiency of the workflow by streamlining the process of communication between midwives and women. Communication between healthcare professionals through the patient’s GDM tailored digital record enhances team-based care.

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Invented in the NHS

Invented in the NHS for the NHS, as a direct response to a clinical need. Designed by clinicians to be faster than pen and paper.

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NHS Approved

Listed on NHS Digital Apps Library. NICE approval expected imminently.

Reduce clinic visits icon

Reduces Clinic Visits

Self-management, combined with remote monitoring, gives patients greater control of their gestational diabetes and reduces the number of clinic visits.

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Increases Accuracy & Speed

Improves the efficiency of the workflow by streamlining the process of communication between midwives and patients.

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Anonymised patient data is securely stored on the cloud as a completely isolated instance with HSCN connectivity and rigorous data security and privacy.

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Supports Governance

Electronic capture of data enables detailed auditing of care and outcomes while supporting clinical governance.

Positive Clinical Trial Results

A 203 patient RCT shows use of GDm-Health was associated with:

patient satisfaction icon


Significantly higher patient satisfaction with care


compliance icon


Significantly better compliance
with BG monitoring

increased from 61% to 80% (P

Reduce caesarean icon


Significant reduction
in caesarean sections

27% v 46% (P=.005)

Pie chart showing benefits of GDm-Health

*Results did not reach statistical significance.   Mackillop L, et al. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2018;6(3):e71

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“Feedback from women using GDm-Health has been very positive. They like to know that their condition is being monitored, and appreciate the immediate feedback when their condition requires intervention from a clinician. It is particularly beneficial to women whose first language is not English, or who struggle with literacy. Being able to use an app rather than a handwritten log book and emails suits the current pregnant population – the millennial, but is very easy for everyone to use.”




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