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Personalised care for women with diabetes in pregnancy

GDm-Health : Help Centre

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Get help with common issues experienced while using the app.

What do I do if the app is not working?

Please contact your diabetes care team.

How do I set up my meter?

Go to the “My Meter” screen in the “Settings” menu and follow the instructions. If you are using a Bluetooth meter, make sure the meter is in pairing mode before trying to set it up. If you are unable to set up your meter, close the app and restart the meter. You can also try turning your Bluetooth off and on again on your phone. If you still can’t set up your meter, contact your diabetes care team. In the meantime, you can still submit readings into the app manually.

I need to speak to my diabetes care team urgently

Please call your emergency antenatal number provided by the hospital if you are concerned.

I am worried about my pregnancy

If you are concerned about anything to do with your pregnancy, please contact your midwife.

I am seeing messages saying “failed to upload” or “failed to sync data”

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet. The app will sync data automatically.

How do I view my readings?

You can access your “My Readings” view by tapping on the “Complete Readings” symbol on the hub page.

I entered some incorrect information on a reading

You can edit information in a reading by tapping on it and selecting 'edit'. Previous readings are accessed from the 'My Readings' page.

My activation code doesn’t work

Check the code and try re-entering. If that doesn’t work please contact your diabetes care team, they will be able to issue you with another one.

My app is asking for me for security

In order to protect your personal data, you must set a passcode, pattern or pin on your phone. Without one, you cannot access the GDm-Health service.

I have a new meter

If you have a new meter, go to the “My Meter” from the “Settings” menu. Click on “Change Meter” and follow the instructions.

My medication is not appearing when I submit a pre-meal reading

Please contact your diabetes care team, they may need to change the medication on their system.

My app keeps freezing

This should not happen, but if it does, please close the app and reopen it. If this does not fix the problem, delete the app and reinstall it onto your phone. Please note: if you reinstall the app, you will need a new activation code from your diabetes care team. All your previous readings and messages will be synced when you reinstall your app. If the error persists, please contact your midwife.

Can I send a message to my diabetes care team?

The app shows you messages from your diabetes care team. You will get these as text messages and in the app. You cannot reply to messages, but you can confirm that you have received them in app. Request a call back if you have a question for your diabetes care team.

How do I request a call back?

You can request a call from the action button. The action button is in the bottom right hand of the 'Hub' and 'My readings' screens. Tap 'request call', and then choose 'Request callback' to place your request. You can also request a call back from your messages.

Can I cancel a call back?

Call backs can be cancelled by tapping on the request call option from the action button or the messages. If you have already requested a call a screen will show you an option for cancelling it.

How long do I have to use the app for?

Your diabetes care team will tell you when to stop using the app. You will get a message telling you that the care team have closed your record. You may also be asked to fill in a feedback survey.

GDm-Health Basics

The GDm-Health app is designed to allow patients with gestational diabetes to record their blood glucose levels and communicate this to the team responsible for delivering care.

How do I download the app?

GDm-Health is an app available for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) operating systems.It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is designed to be accessed from a mobile phone only (i.e. it is not designed for tablet access).

What does the app do?

The GDm-Health app records your blood glucose levels. You can enter blood glucose levels in 2 ways:

  • By connecting to a blood glucose meter that you have set up with the app.
  • By entering a value manually.

Additionally, you can record more data with the reading:

  • What time of day the reading was for e.g. before breakfast or after lunch.
  • What medications you took
  • Any comments that you think will be helpful to your diabetes care team.

The app sends all this information to your diabetes care team. Your care team will look at the data and contact you if they need to.

How do I know if GDm-Health has been properly installed?

On first opening the app you will be shown a quick overview of the app. You will then be presented with articles about gestational diabetes and be asked for an activation code. If this does not happen then please contact your diabetes care team. Please note, there is no maintenance or calibration needed for the safe use of this software.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free for all patients to use.

Can GDm-Health provide a patient diagnosis?

GDm-Health is not a diagnostic tool and cannot provide a patient diagnosis. However, information communicated through the GDm-Health app may inform diagnostic decisions that are ultimately the sole responsibility of the qualified physician using the platform.

Where does the clinical information in the articles and links come from?

The information is written by a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology who manages gestational diabetes. The external links included in the articles have been signed off by a doctor who manages gestational diabetes and comes from trusted sources with accurate clinical content. However, we do not monitor the pages regularly, and if there are changes or inaccurate information then we do not take responsibility for this.

Do I need to set up a meter in the app?

Your diabetes care team will tell you the best way to record blood glucose readings. If you are using your own meter, you can enter readings by typing in the blood glucose level manually.

What happens when my record is closed?

You will not be able to send any blood glucose readings when your record is closed. You will not be able to request callbacks.
You will be able to still see your readings diary and your old messages.

Who can see my data?

Sensyne may have access to anonymous non-personal data generated in connection with the GDm-Health App. This data is only used for medical research purposes or for product improvement. Your data is shared with the health care team who provide your care. Only authorised people are allowed to see your data.

The data that they hold includes:

  • Data about you and your pregnancy e.g. name, hospital number, due date etc.
  • Data about your diabetes e.g. diagnosis date
  • Data about your blood glucose: this will include all the readings you have sent
  • Data about your callback requests
  • Data about your delivery e.g. how many days you stayed in hospital

When your record is closed you may be asked to complete a feedback survey. Your diabetes care team will never see your personal answers. Your diabetes care team only ever see reports combining lots of answers without any identifiable information.

Sensyne Health have built the app but we will not access your personal data unless we specifically ask for your permission according to GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. We may use fully anonymised data for our research and to improve the product. Our academic partners may assist us in this research – the data they see will be anonymous.

We will never contact you directly or market anything to you.

How do you protect my data?

We protect your data in a number of ways:

  1. Sensyne Health conform to data protection legislation.
  2. All data is encrypted at all times (whether at rest or in transit)
  3. Patient Identifiable Data i.e. data which can identify you as an individual is kept separate to Operation Data such as your blood glucose readings.
  4. We continuously monitor the solution to protect against any data breaches.
  5. Only authorised users are allowed to use to the website application. Users are authorised
    by the Hospital.
Who can I contact with questions about my data?

You should contact your hospital and care team initially. If you have any questions for Sensyne Health please contact our dedicated data protection officer by sending an email to